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's the latest numbers in. frederick 70. 68 at andrews air force base. 71 at annapolis. off to the west middle 60s in the eastern panhandle of west virginia martinsburg is 65. the game plan for today, keeping the mostly sunny skies locked in place but later tonight these clouds to the north will be moving down and we will have to talk about rain showers as we think of the middle to the end of the week. as for those highs enjoy a taste of summertime weather. we will be in the middle 80s once again here. 81 cumberland and 86 la plata. angie goff, good morning. >> i'm so glad we have the weather to look forward to. unfortunately the road is not looking too hoot. 66 eastbound at route 50 is where we have crash activity. we are looking at a good stackup as far as volume is concerned from 29 to the capital beltway. speaking of 495, to the inner loop we go at the american legion bridge. trying to get up there from 95, very slow. looking at 50 minutes in the car for that. 395, below speed from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 14 minutes. taking ten, not so bad on the outer loop in maryland from 95
. >> and noise, that's his name, run as touch of class out of frederick. >> our cast. the owner of the wine sellers. she found this spot of land. and then we have. there he is. the mayor how are you, mr. mayor, next, pulling out. there you go. that's tiffany hall. >>> good morning to you there, tiffany. who is coming now don elliott, you voted for him. he is our delegate. that was a long ride, keep coming. and state senator david brinkley. senator david brinkley. jennifer alcorn who runs the marriotts. then david miller. he is the department of agriculture education foundation. how are you. and here he is, chris and the pizza. what is going on. >> my gosh. let's have breakfast. >> now, david. what do you say we take a look at the wine cellars. an old way of making wine. we are in the middle of the 230 acres and bad wants to put in grapes. what do the neighbors think. >> they thought we were nuts. >> nobody grows grapes here. those in the industry in the state. does this look familiar, you have finished a bottle or two from here and half the wine comes from here. >> we're doing 600,000-dolla
or 4 and i don't think it gets into the western suburbs of d.c., loudoun or frederick until 6:00 or so and that is trending later. starts light and then over an inch is possible into sunday morning. could be some thunderstorms, too, over on the eastern shore and this is good news. sunday looks like it's improving and the rain moves out fairly early, over to the bay by 7 or 8 in the morning and the rest of sunday dries out and should be pretty. specifically, what we're expecting. 66 degrees tomorrow. jeweling to 67 -- 77 on saturday. early-morning soccer practice should be okay. you'll get that in. late afternoon west to east when that is going and sunday, the sun will return for the afternoon. this is our max hd satellite and rdar, showing what we had earlier. the batch of rain out of the ohio valley. we brightened for awhile and the clouds are starting to thicken again and i don't think we're going see much met way of sunshine -- see much in the way of sunshine. watching to the west for the huge circulation, a big area of low pressure and that is on the move finally, getting a kick a
. frederick, maryland, 55 degrees. the temperatures in some of the outlying areas dropped down close to the dew points. as a result there's a little patchy fog. frederick, maryland, half-mile visibility with patchy dense fog around. look out for that. it won't last long. bright sunshine expected for most, if not all, of the day today. today a high of 88 degrees. >> sounds good. thank you. >>> if you are flying out of reagan national this labor day weekend, do not count on metro to get threw. three stations are closed for track repair this holiday weekend. those stations are rean national, pentagon city, crystal city. metro officials say they needed three days to make the repairs. the stations will reopen in time for tuesday morning rush hour. metro says contrary to what a lot of people think. labor day weekend is one of the quitest times of the year. there is a shuttle service to bypass those closed stations. > many people getting out of town for labor day weekend are heading to the shore and that usually means major backups on the bay bridge. the things seem to be moving all right y
on the map. 54 in cull pepper and 52 in winchester. 55 in frederick, maryland. 66 in beautiful southern maryland. visibilities are generally fairly good. not too much of a fog problem just yet. we will end up with a beautiful day today. sun is up at 6:53 this morning. 52 minutes away from now. after a bright and sunny day goes down at 7:10 this evening. 75. room temperature today. >> sounds perfect. >>> firefighters in prince george's county are trying to figure out what spark ad deadly house fire this morning. they responded to a home on kayak avenue in capitol heights this morning around 2:30 and tell tuesday fire started in the kitchen and one person died. the exact cause is under investigation. right now we don't know how old the victim is or whether the victim is a man or woman. >>> residents of one maryland community are assessing the damage left by a huge water main break yesterday. the 72-inch main broke last evening in a suburb of baltimore. it sent thousands of gallons of water pouring into the streets, causing massive flooding. barbara mikulski called the incident a disaster.
they are gearing up for brazil day. coming up, we'll tell you how they have this connection, frederick and brazil, plus we'll tell you about the evens you can find yourself involved in and we'll have a samba lesson live on fox 5 morning news. stay wuss. rd >>> brazil men's soccer team having secured a spot in next year's world cup. >> the soccer is just one source of cultural pride in brazil. a theme that will run deep in the brazil day festival in frederick, which is where holly morris is this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i have a couple of renaldos in the making here this morning. a little brazilian football going on here in baker park in frederick where they are gearing up for the third annual brazil day. and if you're going, okay, what is the connection between brazil and frederick? we're going to find out because i have sandra lee on the events planning and i have the chair for the frederick sister city association and the event organizer as well. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: and when i tell everybody i was coming up
in frederick tonight with remembrances. >> caroline, you can imagine this as any mother's worst nightmare, having to bury her child. but that is exactly what candy johnson is going through. her son, lance corporal jordan chrobot has been flown home to be buried. >> candy john's is still coming to grips with the fact that he is gone. 24-year-old lance corporal jordan chrobot was shot and killed on the front lines in combat in afghanistan. he died on the operating table saturday morning. his family is trying to understand the tragedy. >>รง the day he was the deployed u.s said, i will be home soon. but i did not think it would be like this. >> proud of his dedication to his country, his willingness to protect and serve. he spent nine months in ramadi, iraq before being deployed to afghanistan in may. he dreamed of becoming a marine since he was just a little boy. bahaulaand now, jordan's memoryn inspiration to his 5-year-old brother, conner. >> i loved him and wanted him to be alive forever. >> he leaves behind his wife of two years, amber, and his family in frederick. they have memories of
thought for sure jamie would be waiting in line for bruce springstein tickets. he is live in frederick county. how are you jamie? >> reporter: good morning. that's the black raven followed by the white raven then chased it with a terapin. we are live at the wine sellers. this start in brooklyn,new york in a basement. they found this acreage here in frederick county. in 1974 they became the oldest vineyard in the state of maryland. we'll tour this beautiful site out here. last weekend they had the big wine festival in carroll county. they broke the all-time attendance record. it is because of vineyards like here. that's the reason why. we'll show you the family, the allens and introduce you to the mayor. we'll talk to the dignitaries. we have a limo coming up right now. we'll talk about it. we are getting ready for good morning maryland at 9:00. on the go here in morning in wine cellar. what a story. >>> this next story something out of treasure island. amateur treasure hunter struck it rich when he stumbled across gold and silver. he found it combing a field with a medal detector in en
and here's a deal on the 147th year the great frederick fair offers a week of fun, games and food, but one of the biggest roles of the fair is to showcase and teach the public about farming and all that goes in to it. in a recent visit, digital correspondent shows us how the area's family farmers are surviving in the 21st century. >> reporter: at the great frederick fair, she is showing in competition today. >> i got eight. >> reporter: she is the fifth generation to work on the family farm. how does the modern farmer survive. >> looking to diversify. we have these cattle. we sell hay to horse people. >> if they are in the dairy industry and have ability to do grain operation, if the livestock is down and then the crop side is up and they balance the budget a little bit. >> you have to do what you have to do to keep afloat. >> reporter: one way he meets ends is scotty's crane service. he says they must reach the local consumer directly. >> when you can go to the farm or farmers mark and talk to the person that grew it, picked it and brought it to you that day. you have good source verifica
the latest from frederick county. >> reporter: the house sits at the end of contour road in quiet mt. airy, maryland. a for sale sign planted in the front yard. a tattered basketball hoop stands nearby. something sad and terrible happened here. the discovery was made about 5:40 p.m. >> 911 call was received from a friend of the family. he had come by the house and to check on the welfare of the family. looked in the back window and seen a body. our troopers responded. along withhe ems personnel. >> reporter: maryland state police troopers found a body of man, woman, and two children a boy and a girl. investigators were called to the neighborhood. a mobile crime van was brought to the scene. detectives applied for an emergency search warrant to enter the home and gather evidence. >> the troopers that itially responded knew that it was an obvious -- appeared to be abobvious murder scene and it is procedure to secure the scene. make sure there is no further threat. and then get a search warrant go back in and properly possible tess scene. >> reporter: within hours, a crowd of neighbors gather
and in prince frederick, we have the line all the way down to drum point and lin nard down. and we'll have a for more chances of thunderstorms in the a bit. >>> all right, bernadette, thank you. >> and with the end of summer comes the ends of dozens of life guard's jobs. gigi barnett has more from ocean city. >> reporter: in ocean city, the surf is up and the signal's clear, the beach life guards are on duty. >> when i saw them, i was happy. >> reporter: the oc life guards trained for hours and now that the summer's ending, they'll decrease and the water warnings stay the same. >> keep your feet in the sand until the life guard's in the stand. >> reporter: he heads the beach control and they'll stay on the beach into the fall. >> we'll continue to man the beach, we'll be spread out further apart. >> reporter: there are more than 70 on the weekend. >> and they couldn't wait to get to the beach. they got off the bikes and wanted to go to the beach. >> reporter: she likes the extra eyes on the beach and with four children, she taught them, be safe. >> don't go out far, realize where they are
>>> a frederick community copes with an unthinkable tragedy. a father kills his wife, his children, the family dog and then himself. good saturday. we're going to get to that story. first, we have an update on the bribery charges against a district employee. jim grant's chief of staff was taken into custody on bribery charges. he's accused of accepting cash and other gifts for promoting taxi cabs in d.c. grant, has cancelled a public hear hearing that will impact taxes. grant maintains his actions had no influence on the bill. now, investigators are looking at a quote pattern of possible pay offs. we're continue to follow this for you. >>> it's been raining off ond an all day. we're probably going to see more of that all night. chuck says the rain tonight is going to continue and is also going to get hard -- get pretty hard. there's flash flood warnings we'll tell you about as well. to the other story we have been telling you about. six men in five states have been charged with plot iting to blowp buildings and attack americans. three of them -- three of them were plotting to attac
and parts of frederick county, up to mount airy. not as intense down south, leaving dale city and heading into charles county. we saw the easterly flow. it will be a gray day as we are in this cool pocket. there will be improvement as we head into the upcoming weekend. cloudy and cool, only about 70 today. some clearing tomorrow. partly cloudy and upper 70's. mid 70's for saturday and sunday. >>hank you. >>> chrysler will begin leasing cars again after more than a year out of that market. >> subpoenas have been set out in to merrill lynch. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> we begin with the widening investigation into bank of america's covert of merrill lynch. the attorney general h subpoenaed five members of the board. they are expected to be questioned about the bonuses paid before the deal closed. the investigation is trying to determine if bank directors misled shareholders by withholding details of the bosses and bonuses. bankamerica is responding to calls for a simpler credit cards. they are unveiling a new cart which features a one page explanation and a flat fee for late
frederick, 86 was the high. waldorf 83 degrees, high of 86. on the scoreboard, the official numbers, 87, 71 at reagan national airport. we will definitely see it cool down friday. but not until then. mid 80's across the board, more up and down the coast, and the cool weather is starting to show up across the midwest and the central plains. the very pleasant. we have been watching closely showers that have been diminishing to the south. they have been at rotating in the opposite direction, away from us to the southwest. they're just a ragtag bunch of showers, which will wash out through the night. we have also been watching atlanta because of their recent weather woes. that cluster of showers is sting to the west, and for now it looks ok. i think any activity that we see will be random and isolated until the cold front in the morning. then at the cool, dry air rules in friday. the way that it looks, it looks like that will quickly move out and the next weather disturbance will move in from the west. 2:00 saturday, that is about when the leading edge of the next batch of showers will move in,
frederick county pushing off from east to west. slow drifters. mostly cloudy today. most of the rain should hold off until later this afternoon. the heaviest will be closer to the bay. a little breeze it out here. >> around the highway, overnight construction on the beltway is completely gone. good on the beltway at the wilson bridge. no problems as far as interstate travel. 270 is pretty smooth to get into montgomery county. good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. headlights heading south on 270 and moving at speed in germantown. >> thank you. >>> 5:12, 65 degrees. >> apple's big announcement, from the ipod to itunes. we have the latest crop of. >> is it the dawn of a new day for health care? we willwe wil >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, president obama played out his case for health care before congress last night, endorsing the controversial government- option. the senate pla
the horizon. it is 51 in frederick. look at the numbers. we do have some 40's. 58 in fairfax. leesburg, 54. 50 in frederick. 64 at the patuxent naval station. we will look for sunshine. clouds are close. they're down in the southern sections of virginia and the carolinas. the high pressure will squash them down to the south and that is where they will stay. low humidity all the way through the afternoon. we are normally around 84. this afternoon, mid 70's. tomorrow, more of the same and just gorgeous. maybe a few showers on friday. partly sunny and low to mid a's next monday. that is a quick look at the weather. >> thank you. >>> looking forward to that. >>> big tobacco is taking on the government. >> jeremy hubbard has the "money scope" report. >> we begin with another major bank looking to return taxpayer money. bankamerica is out to get under the microscope. they want to pay back $20 billion. it would ease some of the restrictions placed on the company. they will auction off parts of the homes of bernie madoff. this is a $7 million beach house. it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. the
. and into the afternoon hours the showers will get closer to washington. it is possible to see showers toward frederick and hagerstown into the late afternoon and evening hours as the storm syem pushes our direction. let's talk about the cool morning. 69 degrees right now at reagan national. 70 in fredericksberg. it is 70 in frederick so it's not bad out there. baltimore is 66 at this hour. it is windy. we have a small craft advisory along the bay and we have a wind advisory, i just mentioned it at the top of the hour for beaches current wind gusts, 26. 24 at patuxent naval air station. so expect breezy conditions if not down right windy across the shore later today and ear in washington we'll have wind gusts over about 20 miles per hour as the storm condition continues to not only crank up but move in the direction of washington, d.c. there it is, and you can see it blossoming in the last 12 hours and we've had thunderstorms around the area of low pressure and it continues to throw moisture and clouds back in the direction of washington. and it's a very, very slow mover, so we'll have clouds, the poss
of the civil war, the first world war, world war two. we talk about lincoln, we talk about frederick douglass. i have a lot of favorites. frederick douglass is one of them. very much neglected. i do not know why more of the african-american leadership does not talk about frederick douglass. probably because of his deep devotion to lincoln and the 3r african-american leadership does not talk about frederick douglass. probably because of his deep devotion to lincoln and the country and his deep devotion to ulysses s. grant. he is an incredible character. finding freedom one day while wrestling with an overseer in an eastern maryland slave house. he will not let go of him coming breaks away and runs often becomes a free man. but, of course, his life is unbelievably challenging, given where he was living. one of the great stories i think about every time ride a train on amtrak. i think about frederick douglass buying a first-class ticket, and the conductor comes through and says, you have to leave, you're a black man. he says he would not leave. get douglas up the train, he is standing at the sit
moved up to 65 degrees inside the beltway. it is 61 in frederick. patuxent 67. looking to the west, winchester in the 50s as is martinsburg and even cumberland with a pair of 5 -- fives. it is 61 hagerstown. today's weather in a word, beautiful. up to 71 for the lunch hour and sunny drive home at 5:00 at 78. see how the drive is shaping up. >> a lot of traffic tieups to tell you about. let's get to it beginning with 270. an accident at 370 has cleared but delays have not. we are backed up to father hurley. after that you are going to hit another crash scene at middle brook. to the maps we go, southbound at route 32 an accident is blocking the left lane. right now we are jammed up to that route 100. looks like the accident may have cleared according to the realtime sensors. northbound 198, another crash. drivers are using the right lane. 50 westbound at 301, we zoom in and on 301 northbound at the grovesnor bridge that accident is holding steady blocking the right lane. that 50 westbound one looks like it is cleared, as well. 395 in virginia we are crawling along from 395 to seminar
stuff in loudoun county in to southern frederick. day at a glance. temperatures won't move much. better chance of showers this morning. temperatures topping around 70. 6:00. we need a traffic update. with more, here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >>> good news in the district. we have been telling you about an accident at inbound new york avenue at south dakota. it has been pushed to the side. traffic is moving well in that area. let's check the outer loop in maryland. a little volume is building but moving well between 95 and georgia. 270 southbound, 109 to 121 also moving well. little slow. not too fast but that is going well as well as 66 eastbound, 50 to 123 no incidents or accidents to report there. >> thank you. >>> on the rundown at 6:01, the push for health care reform. a committee vote could come next week from a plan from senator baucus. he unveiled the plan yesterday. it could create co-ops to sell insurance instead of the federal government. insurance companies would have to sell insurance to anyone even those with preexisting conditions and it would lower prices for low-income fami
commute. patrice, back to you. >>> a frederick county community mourns the death of a family of 4. they were killed over the weekend in a murder-suicide and this morning many are still coming to grips with the loss. megan gilliland joins us now with the latest, good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, police discover the bodies inside a mount airy home on friday. we have learned from investigators that the fire used the shotgun to kill his family and their dog before killing himself. in mount airy. >> i prayed for him. >> reporter: it was a weekend of prayer and reflection following a devastating tragedy, police found 38-year-old charles dalton senior, his wife 37 years old jennifer and the couple's three children, dead inside of their home on contour road. >> it's hard enough to let one person go, but to see the entire family go, it's harder. >> reporter: investigators say that charles senior used the shotgun to kill his family before turning the gun on himself. a suicide note was not found but the family had financial troubles which could have been a possible
with secretary of defense robert gates. >>> a marine from frederick, maryland will be laid to rest this weekend. lance corporal jordan chrobot was killed in afghanistan. he was on his second combat tour. his family said he was following in he footsteps of his grandfather, a vietnam veteran. he served in iraq. he leaves behind two sisters and a 5-year-old brother. >> i wanted him to come for christmas and come over for halloween if he could. and i just wanted him to stay forever. be my brother. >> it has left a hole, a big hole and i'm in incredible pain. all of us are. >> reporter: corporal jordan chrobot leaves behind his wife auburn, they were married two years ago. >>> we are learning today iran built a nuclear site in a mountain and near a military base. iran's vice president said it was put there to prevent an assault on it. it is a uranium enrichment facility that could be used to develop weapons. talks are underway to ali international inspections. >>> now to the gubernatorial campaign in virginia. a few hours ago in arlington, democrat creigh deeds picked up what he calls a big endorsem
in frederick and 68 in manassas and 69 in continueco. we'll come back and show you live doppler 9000 and show you when the sun return coming up. >>> we can hope for that. >>> we are seeing the weather start to change. after all, summer is almost done. >>> but the cooler temperatures bringing unwanted visitors. they're looking for a place to stay warm. jimmy areasman explains. >> they give off a gross scent that makes you want to run away in fear. >> reporter: they're talking about the stink bug. >> i want to smash them. >> they stink if you cash them. >> reporter: the bugs can be a nuisance in your home this fall as they're seeking shelter for the winter. >> i carry around a newspaper to hit them with. i think my kids overreact. they're harmless. they don't bite. >> bug experts say that good screams and a bomb is your best protection. >> these things really stink. 9 news now and >>> your best bet to protect your house, as we just heard, weather stripping around doors and ceiling, all possible entry points for the bug. right now no chemicals to use inside your house. >>> stink bugs
her family is planning her funeral. >>> police in frederick, maryland, want to know who shot an 8-year-old boy with a pellet gun. the boy was playing with some friends when he was shot in the lower back. he was transported to john hopkins hospital and released the next day. >>> a bank in northern italy has devised a rather unique loan system helping customers turn hard cheese into hard currency. instead of money or gold these vaults contain cheese. more than $180 million worth of cheese. the bank's director says investing in cheese is much more stable than investing in gold because cheese is worth more than younger cheese. they turn a profit either way. they can sell the cheese on the open market if someone defaults on a loan. >> why didn't we think of the whole chose thing? >> i didn't have enough wine to think of that. >> we could scrounge up a whole lot of cheese. >> didn't have enough wine to think of that. >> we are looking at some clouds and a few showers but not a washout by any means and i think we are going to be in pretty good shape just in time for the end of the week and we
at a good pace. >> 6:00. he loved frederick and his family and his hero was his grandfather. >> we've lost another brave man in a war in afghanistan. linda is here to tell us more about this 24-year-old hero. >> jordon grew up listening to stories about his grandfather a marine. when he was 8 he knew he wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. he was on his second tour of duty. he had served in iraq and left for afghanistan in may. late last week lance corporal was shot and killed on the battlefield. >> very proud of jordan for being a man, being a marine and for the sack are face that he gave. >> left a hole -- sacrifice that he gave. it left a hole and i am in incredible fame. all of us -- pain. all of us are. >> he leaves behind his wife amber along with a brother and two sisters. he will be buried not far from where he grew up in frederick county. >> something you will see only here, two people in the hospital this morning after being shot inside a strip club here in southeast baltimore, it happened around 2:00 a.m. at club eldorado. east lombard at haven. a woman was shot in
and cockeysville getting rain. towson. zooming out over west of westminster into frederick county. looking at some showers as well. and continue to see that push on through. now, it will continue to be a northeast wind at 10. so breezy out there. and with that easterly wind on the western edge of the chesapeake we have a coastal flood advisory, during high tide overnight through the midnight. (inaudible). >> temperatures dropping into the 60s and only highs in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow. so it will be a cool, wet kind of cloudy day. it looks like we will see better weather heading our way for the weekend. details coming up. . >> every american can find quality affordable coverage that can not be taken away. >> the much awaited senate version of the health care reform bill revealed. how the $856 billion plan would be paid for. >> autopsy results are released on the death of a yale grad student. how she died when we come back. . >> col . >> after president obama laid out his health care reform wish list last week, key player in the senate negotiations unveils his plan. but this proposal doesn't h
family. melissa carlson has been on the ground in frederick county for us all day. she joins us now tonight. >> friends and neighbors have been gathering outside the home all day long. they have put together a makeshift memorial in front of the home. those we spoke to all seem to be asking the same question, what could have led to this? lawrence tynes now mark the home where police say 38-year-old charles dalton killed himself, his family and the family dog. >> mrs. dalton and her two children both were all victims of murder. >> charles and his wife, 37- year-old jennifer daulton were found by a concerned friend who peered through a window. neighbors described the couple as religious and kind. >> every time it snows, charles and his wife and come over and shovel my driveway. i would keep asking if i could pay them, and they always turned down. >> police said both children were found in their beds, shot in the head. >> mama told me this morning that she was dead. i had a little bit up tears coming down, because she was one of the best people i knew. >> 14-year-old charles dalton was
in frederick. to the south where we have had rain recently it is 66 at quantico, 64 winchester. here's a look at the high temperatures forecasted for today. from winchester to cumberland you will stay in the 60s and level off around the low 70s in the district of columbia. la plata your high today 72 with some breaks of sunshine. not a sunny afternoon but the rain should be done and we will have a couple of hints of sunshine. more moisture is gathering across illinois, indiana. this low pressure listen area will be moving east tomorrow. and with it is going to be bringing us rain. unfortunately, you folks to the west that have a yard sale planned in the morning, it's going to be dicey. the farther east you live you will have mostly dry conditions until noon and after that things go downhill with the rain. just in time for the football game. the we will have a northeasterly push of drier air but it comes back north tomorrow. let me put a time line on it for you. here it is. this is by 6:00 tonight. some partly cloudy skies. heading in to the overnight the friday night plans shouldn't be in jeo
. 75 frederick. so really not that chilly. you would think on a cloudy day with rain threatening it would be chilly, not the case. as we look at the satellite and radar loop, you can see a batch of rain here. i will show you the rain creeping in rain working toward i-81. as for our weather, we will expect a couple of showers an the commute but especially later tonight they will be spotty tomorrow. definitely a cloudy day 83 and then 85. not as many showers on thursday. so as we zoom in, you can see the rain pretty intermittent here. downtown in georgia, the lane area our hearts go out to those people with the flooding rains they have had. basically from the same system moving here. we are too far east to be in the main band but the next couple we will be dodging the drops ourselves. we are not expecting flooding issues like down south. take you through this hour by hour as you can see by 6:00. we are looking a rain to be moving up 95 and extending between here and baltimore by 9:00. then, during the overnight some scattered showers, frederick to fredericksburg. it will be touch a
and then took his own life. the incident took place inside a home in may i have a minute airy in frederick county. wjz is live outside state police headquarters. suzanne collins explains the motive for the deaths is unclear but the family was having some financial problems. >> reporter: the police are now saying jennifer dalton and the couple's two children were shot once in the head in their beds as they slept and that charles dalton the father turned that shotgun on himself. in mount airy people who knew the victims honor them with momentos of love, stuffed animals and flowers. police say charles dalton, sr., the father, killed his wife jennifer, his son charles, jr., 14, and his daughter emmaline, 7. >> his cousin lives with us and they play together and chevis there last sunday. vibrant, wonderful little girl. >> reporter: the tragedy has left the neighborhood grief stricken. children are learning about death in an abrupt, hurtful death. >> she asked why her father would do that. i said he was probably mentally ill. >> reporter: the bodies were discovered when jennifer dalton didn't sh
. our reporter spoke with the family in frederick tonight. she joins us live in the studio with their story. >> he grew up in frederick county and joined the marines a few years after high school. he left in may for his second and last deployment. tonight, his family says they are devastated but proud. >> he was set to come home at christmas. he was supposed to be my christmas present. i cannot even think about christmas. >> she is finding it hard to picture her future without her son. a member of the marines for nearly three years, he died this weekend after he was shot in the chest in afghanistan, up four months into his deployment. >> he was very proud to be arraigned. that was his life. -- he was very proud to be a marine. that was his life. >> his family says he wanted to be a more recent since he was a child so he could follow in the footsteps of is grandfather. his family always worried about him being overseas but never thought it would come to this. they are proud of his son loved his country. >> he is in our hearts and minds. we want people to know that. >> he lea
is growing for the family killed in frederick county. what might have led to the tragedy. >>> the ravens on a winning streak. why joe flacco thinks the team deserves today's win. >>> the ravens' fans from the u.k. how an englishman became devoted to baltimore. >>> the rain moves away and the sun comes out. how long the bright sky will stick around next in my forecast. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jennifer gilbert. >>> it was a very satisfying day for ravens' fans. they just hounded the cleveland browns. bruce? >> everyone knew the browns weren't very good. in fact, there are those who say they might be the worst team in the nfl. you get no argument from the 70,000 or so who jammed the stadium today. 13-nothing. willis goes 15 yards for his second touchdown of the first half. it was 20-nothing at halftime. fourth-quarter veteran, who earlier had his 8 hundredth career passed -- joe flacco hits him downfield. check out the moves. in all, a 72-yard touchdown completion as the ravens' roll. >> obviously,
and megan back to you. >> 19 minutes from 6. the fight in afghan tan intensifies. >> frederick county family mourns the loss of their son. >> he paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he wanted to do. more on his life (announcer) they're highly trained specialists. true professionals, always ready when they hear the call... guys, pancakes! because when it's pancakes everyone's in it together. >>> welcome back. more calls for more troops now nato and u.s. military leaders as they send in more troops to the war torn country. >> the debate comes after the death of an american marine from maryland. linda. >> lance corporal was on his second tour of duty when he left for afghanistan in may his parents knew he would be in danger. this past summer the marines were engaged in battle constantly in afghanistan's southern provinces. he was shot and killed on the battlefield. he leaves behind his wife amber and a brother and sister. when he was 8 he knew he wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and become a marine. >> he was my baby no matter how old he was because he didn't want mommy to say
limits. more primary results from frederick. democrat jason judd and republican randy mcclement will move on to the general election in the frederick mayors' race. >>> if you enjoy a glass of wine check out these directions. piedmont trail. for lovers of local wines. >>> learning in a very creative and musical way. a fun discovery for us as we teach the constitution abc2 -- abc2's of weather. >>> i gave you a two-degree guarantee of 73. i changed my mind and went with 77. i should have stayed with the first one. high was 72 degrees today. forecast coming up. >>> st. paul school for girls celebrated its 50th anniversary today. students and alumni packed the gymnasium. enrollment at the school has grown from 89 girls to 4 40e girls today -- 440 girls today. >> this school really holds a special place in all of our hearts. it's hard to explain. if you have not been here, but even though we were here in 1959 and graduated in 1963 some things just stay the same. there's a wonderful feeling of warmth. >> it's important to our school's history and seeing all the alumni come back is a reall
through the frederick region as we speak. our forecast for the next couple hours, look for mostly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles, temperatures falling into the upper 70s from around 80 degrees, for the next couple of hours. rain is in the forecast. we'll show you where, when and how long, coming up. >>> speaking of temperatures, some baltimore county parents are hot under the collar about the temperatures in their children's school. dozens took part in a demonstration today protesting what they are calling botched renovations at ridgely middle school in timonium. parents and students say temperatures in the school rise well above 100 degrees on some days. they say a renovation project two years ago made things worse and they want the county to correct the problem. >> we're forced to sit in temperatures that are 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperatures. >> i'm, woulding with the school -- working with the school system to address those concerns. consistent with all the other pressures and needs of the entire system. >> county council members say they will look at the budget to see
your weekend turns out. >> thank you. our big story this morning comes out of frederick county. that's where the bodies of four people were discovered inside a home. >> all believed to be members of a tam same family. two adults, a boy and a girl were found friday evening. officials say troopers went to the house because of a 911 call from a family friend who got concerned after not hearing from the family. the caller reported seeing the body through the window. >> we don't have a lot of answers at this moment. investigators and troopers do believe that the situation is contained to this home. we do not have any kind of active search under way for someone who may have been responsible for this incident. troopers believe this is a murder scene but we believe the situation is contained. >> it's really shocking, like i would never expect something like this to happen, especially to that family. that's crazy. >> the circumstances of the deaths are still being investigated but officials say it does appear to be a murder scene. a husband and a wife lived in the home with their 14-year-old
am in mt. airy, frederick county, where around 5:30 this evening, police discovered the bodies of four people, like you said, believed to be a family, inside of this home, here in the 300 block of contour drive. and joining me now, is state police spokesperson greg shipley, with more. greg you were saying that it was a family friend that was concerned. to check on this family? >> the 911 call this evening came from a friend of the family, that lives at this address. the friend had not heard from the family for some time. came to check the welfare. received no answer at the door. went around to the back of the house. and looked through a window and saw a body inside and immediately called 911. our troopers responded along with the ems personnel. went inside the home and found the bodies of four people inside there. an adult male, adult female and male and female child. all of whom deceased. and they have secured the scene, they believe that the threat was contained to this location. we don't have an active search underway for anyone that may have been responsible for this. but,
in frederick were disturbed by what they witnessed. three mentally disabled, blind and deaf men, left inside of a hot van for more than an hour, with only a cracked window. the caretaker, nowhere to be found. people at the diner came to their rescue. >> they noticed that, you know, some were unresponsive. one appeared to be sleeping or slumped over. they can see sweating profusely and they could tell from the appearance, you know, that they were some sort of mental handicapped presence. and the fact that they had not seen anybody. >> police arrested 47-year-old brian fleming, he is charged with three counts of neglect. and happened sunday. it was 75 degrees around noon. and investigators say on a 70-degree day, the inside of a car can reach temperatures up to 110, to 120 degrees, in 20 minutes. police had to open the van's locked doors themselves. the group responsible from frederick said there are no excuses. >> leaving people with mentally disabilities in a vehicle, unattended completely unacceptable. and it is absurd. ridiculous we're having this conversation. >> men lived at this home in
. if someone saw something, they are hoping they'll give the police a call. >> a former frederick county middle school teacher will plead guilty of receiving child pornography. agents found hidden camera recording of five girls ages 12-14 changing clothes during a stage play. >> a police department brass will stay overnight for training and team building session. it comes at a time when every city department is making cuts. leaders are coming up with a way to pay for the retreat so that it won't cost taxpayers a time. >> all the drug money and equipment, drug dealers are paying for the police to be better trained. >> i like that idea. >> the retreat is part of the push to train an entire shift for a month at a time. >> signing a letter in support of legislation that would allow states to jam cell phones in prison. they will render illegal cell phones useless behind prison walls. a full vote will come this fall. >> another quarter of falling tax revenue is forcing the governor to take another look at the state budget. the governor may have to cut an additional $100-(20) 000-0000 where it has bee
story comes out of frederick county. that's where the bodies of four people were discovered inside a home in mount airy. >> they are believed to be members of the same family. the body of two adults a male and female, along with two children, a boy and girl, were found in the 300 block of contour road. officials went in after a family friend was concerned after not hearing from the family for a few days. the report was of seeing a body through the window. >> we don't have a lot of information this morning. investigators and troopers believe the situation is contained to this home. we do not have any kind of active search on the way for someone who may have been responsible for this incident. troopers believe this is a motor scene, but we believe the situation is contained. >> it is shocking. i would never expect something like this to happen -- especially that family. that is crazy. >> the circumstances of the deaths are still being investigated, but officials say it appears to be a murder scene, possibly a murder suicide. according to published reports neighbors say a husband and
70s out there. 73 southern maryland, eastern shore. 74 winchester and with the fog in frederick 66 degrees. we have 73 in national. dew point 71 giving us a relative humidity of 90%. we are warm. west you have to go to the rockies. it is chilly. 39 in denver. some temperatures in colorado in the low 20s with the snow pack on the ground. and we have to get this past us. it will sort of hang up in the area. as the moisture is to the west it will come not so much today with this front. this front may trigger a shower as it comes through but in to the weekend we will watch it. by friday evening, low pressure in the ohio valley with the rain. that is going to move in this direction. our seven-day forecast, had some rain in it. if it pops up it does any way. some rain and a shower chance today, 86. saturday a chance of rain moving in the afternoon and evening in to early sunday. more shower on late monday and tuesday cool and wednesday. speaking of cool, here's patranya bhoolsuwan with traffic. >>> hope everybody is having a good thursday. check out the problem spot of the morning on the
in the 60s here in washington. 57 frederick. 65 martinsburg and quantico. 66 southern maryland and also on the bay in annapolis. as far as today is concerned, sunny this morning. a few more clouds as the day progresses. looking at a high of 85 with a drive home temperature of 83. andrea? >> we are following breaking news at 6:00 a.m. a mess following mr. police pursuit. digital correspondent armando trull is live in northeast washington with more. armando? >> let's get to the good news first. new york avenue is now open. it had been closed between south dakota and bladensburg road. it was closed almost three hours but as you can see right now traffic is flowing smoothly inbound and outbound on new york avenue. that wasn't the case beginning at 3:00 a.m. look at exclusive images that we have got. what you are looking at is a vehicle that was involved in the accident. that is an suv, a black suv. we believe that is the suv that police were chasing earlier this morning. it began around 3:05. prince georges county and the district police were following that suspect's vehicle in to the dist
left leg. >>> a frederick county community still is trying to come to grips with an unthinkable crime. a father kills his wife and two young children, before taking his own life. wjz stays on the story with complete coverage. adam may is live in mount airy with more on how the community is coping. adam? >> reporter: maryland state police are still wrapping up loose ends in this investigation. they are trying to pinpoint the motives this community is trying to heal. >> reporter: a somber day at two schools in frederick county, as students were offered grief counseling, following the murder of two classmates. 14-year-old charlie dalton junior and his 7-year-old sister, emmaline. >> i understand there is a teddy bear at her desk today. and the counselors will remain there, as long as they're needed. at the high school, principal david keen made an announcement to all of the students over the pa system this morning. they then observed a moment of silence. >> reporter: last friday, their father shot his sleeping children, his wife jennifer, the family dog and then himself. police suspect f
area. 59 will be the morning reading for the start saturday. 59. 56 frederick, 54 winchester. 58 fredricksburg. high temperature tomorrow about 77. could be a few showers around martinsburg, frederick and annapolis. sunday up to 82 degrees. sunday will be the prettiest day out of the weekend. sunshine hangs on for the beginning of next week. not just monday, but monday and tuesday. while see highs in the low to mid 80s beginning next week. right now next week is looking dry with temperatures cooling down a little bit. back to the 70s. >>> sounds good. thank you. >>> keeping track of the flu, a number of websites popped up recently that detail where the flu hit and where it may strike next. ogle has a site that tracks internet searches for flu siformation around the rld. nce people often search for information on the web before going to a doctor, tracking the erwhher techlu c f spreading.the flu is another site is called heah it reports flu cases around the world and updates the numbers in realtime. >>> do body creams expire? is there any difference between name brands and g
frederick and masbinatrturg martinsburg at 47 degr s 61 an the 47 an the is keeping the naval air station in patuxent river in the 60s. a gorgeous day ahead. mid-60s by 9:00. low 70s by lunchtime. and then upper 70s for the drive home. plenty of sunshine. let's get the trafficup date here with kris sneed. >> thank you. we will start in maryland. we are seeing a little volume here university to georgia. though delays yet the inner loop is clear. moving to 270. we are slow 109 to 121. as you can see germantown road the head lights the volume is building from germantown to i- 370. no delays speak of there. going in to virginia. 66 eastbound we are tracking taillights here. route 50 to 123. that's about five extra minutes for you right now and then clear as you make your way to the beltway and points beyond. going to our graphics and checking out the inner loop from 95 to 66. you are up to speed there. if you travel the outer loop from van doren to telegraph road to wilson bridge no problems to speak of. and finally finish it out 95 northbound in virginia. the only slow down from the prince
. spotty showers across frederick and montgomery county. we see light scattered showers especially upper montgomery in to northern and western howard. south of frederick over to 'tis da aurora. lighter showers have been moving in from west to east. plum point you have some showers, also badden and prince georges county and waldorf light sprinkles and southern maryland toward newland on the northern neck we have some showers. temperatures are in the 60s this morning and with the rain moving in and the clouds an the breeze not a lot of recovery. as we look at the seven-day forecast, temperatures will struggle. only get to around 70 today and tomorrow. heaviest rain should be tonight in to early friday. saturday a light shower is possible still but not a bad day. upper 70s. by sunday and monday real nice, low 80s and more rain by wednesday if not late tuesday. it is 5:16. 66 degrees. good morning, angie goff. >> hello, howie b. hello, everybody. it is thursday. we are ready to kick off a great day. unfortunately we have some tieups beginning in leesburg, virginia. right now market is closed
here, about five frederick -- to enter 50 cases here and -- 250 cases here and 500 cases at the university of maryland. the taxation -- the vaccination is not expected to be out until mid october. >> thank you. >>> a montgomery county high school football coach suspended after player abuse accusations is back on the field. he was reinstated tuesday after a weeklong absence. he was accused of pushing two players after practice. stew -- school officials interviewed parents and students before bringing him back. >>> the future of the sleek oak creek is up in the year. is slated to close because of budget proble. -- the future of sligo creek is up in the air. $130,000 has been committed to keep the courts open. >>> metro will decide whether to renew the contract of john catoe. his contract expires in january. after a string of incidents, some are calling for his resignation. the board is backing him. >>> 6:07 is your time. 72 degrees. when we return, clinton portis is weighing in on the redskins fan controversy. >> finally the wind will be shifting later this afternoon. a ban
-suicides including three involving residents in frederick county. >> police say a man is now out of the jail and in hospital. they pulled 25-year-old damicio williams over on friday for driving with suspended plates. but as police pulled him over, he drove off. the car was registered fundamental -- they spotted williams on foot in the area where the car was registered. >> that incident got into another car, drove, tried to hit this officer. fearing for his life, he took his pistol and discharged his weapon several times and struck the suspect several times. we didn't know he had hit the suspect because he drove off and thankfully did not hit this detective. >> authorities say he was apprehended after checking himself into the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. the police are investigating the anne arundel county officer's actions. >> the victim is identified as 74-year-old david weeks. police say they got a call friday night that weeks was in cardiac arrest. by the time he got there to his hilldale home he had already died. then an autopsy showed the manner of death was homicide. there i
was in afghanistan. our reporter spoke with the family in frederick tonight. with their story. county and joined the marines a few years after high school. and last deployment. over the weekend, he was shot in the chest and died from his injuries. deployment in afghanistan. he wanted to be a marine since he was a child. he spent eight months in iraq in 2007 and 2008. the family said they always worried about him being overseas. >> that is the way he would have wanted it. he was very proud to be a marine. that was his life. i guess if there was any way for him to go, that was the way. >> he leaves behind a wife, three siblings, parents, and grandparents. funeral arrangements are still being made. franciotti, back to you. >> president obama meets with the team to discuss adding troops in afghanistan. >> the situation in afghanistan has deteriorated. troops? >> president obama will carry out the case to send more troops to afghanistan after 40,000 more said to want. the president says he will ask if they will wipe out al qaeda. >> my overriding goal is to dismantle the al qaeda network. afghanistan
. some showers, across northern sections of frederick county as well. there are some clouds, the occasional shower, and things will clear out for the weekend. let's get to the weather bug and talk about temperatures. winds out of the northeast. but as part of the issue -- that is part of the issue. 0.3 inches of rain last night, in arlington is worthy heavier showers fell. the mold spores, once again, and that level. yesterday, the weeds and the other guys were up there in the moderate range. cloudy skies and cool temperatures will probably continue for another day. it very comfortable out there. you have to get down south of the north carolina border to get temperatures and 80's. 65 at la guardia right now. the cold front sitting like this. that separates the air masses. we will remain at 55, and freeze warnings are up for big chunks of maine for tonight. a battle in the atmosphere between the warmer air and moisture from the south, and coming from the north, the flow of northeasterly winds. they're clear skies across the great lakes and most of new england. it went comes o
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